The world of make-believe – fantasy art by Reality Reimagined

“I live in a world of make-believe and I’m okay with that.” This was the first quote that I chose to use as a “slogan” for myself as an artist and ultimately my brand in this industry.

Images like these are the typical stories that fly around my imagination, constantly. They are forever speaking to me and showing me more of the story, more of the adventure and sometimes I actively work to bring them to the real-world.

These two characters first came about at Shutterfest 2017 and we revisited it again in 2018. I had intended on using them for image competition, but I couldn’t find the right companion materials to add to the mix and I tabled the work. I want them to match precisely what I see in that story running through my mind. And they are close, so very close.

Much thanks to the wonderful talent in these images and their incredible patience in waiting to see something come from this journey.

Models: Becca Meumann Johnson and Mary L. Poll (respectively)
Makeup Art: Jennifer Hargiss
Hair for Mary: Refuge
Costume for Mary: The Vallée Creations
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

#composite #art #fantasy #story #angels #demons #valkyrie #justice #vegeance #darkness #light #photomanipulation #photoshop #adobe #photography #realityreimagined

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