The Dark Elf – Photoshop composite art from Reality Reimagined

Today I’m returning to the world of  dark elves and Photoshop composites.

One of the common misconceptions that most people have for compositing, revolves around how much lighting you need and what type of green screen you have to use.

Folks often assume that you need a several lights to separate the person from the green screen and that a background like that is absolutely necessary to make a good extraction.
In this composite of our dark elf, played by Christie Pingel, I am using one single strobe with a beauty dish to create the shadows I want in the image and a single reflector off to her left. She’s standing against a beige wall in a loft and since her skin tone is in the same color family as the wall, there wasn’t any color cast.
The most important aspect of lighting is to use it to create the shadows and mood you want in your final image. This will always create a few issues that would never be acceptable in a typical portrait. In this case, her eyes have very little light in them at all. I took a second frame at a higher exposure to get the foundation that I could build on in Photoshop. I’m including the original image for reference.
I got the chance to work with Christie, her friend Emily (featured in my previous piece of Medusa) and the brilliant body painting art of Amanda Johnson. I wanted to continue the theme of elves for a shoot at Shutterfest and when Christie reached out to me to work together, I immediately saw the dark elf that I was looking for. She is a versatile talent that can play the lightest of moments and emotions and then completely switch and turn into one troubled, dark soul. That talent, coupled with the artistry of Amanda’s toning and styling, brought to life a new character bouncing around in my imagination.

So folks, let me introduce you to Shi’Larra Darkweaver.


Dark Elf Composite art

Photoshop composite art – dark elf from Reality Reimagined

Body paint and HMUA: Amanda Johnson
Costume, Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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