Supergirl Is My Hero | Cosplay Photomanipulation Composite Art by Reality Reimagined


Growing up it was common to find me running around with a red bath towel pinned around my neck. If you’ve ever heard the story of my famous “flight” then you know that my dream was to be Superman.

I first learned about Supergirl from the 1984 movie starring Helen Slater. Soon there after I was reading Supergirl comics and learning about this character that had existed since 1959. She’s been through several iterations of an origin story and eventually they landed on some foundations that stayed the same through all the incarnations of the character.

Supergirl, simply put, gets things done. She doesn’t analyze decisions for too long – she doesn’t let those that question her tactics/motives, deter her determination to see the job be finished. Superman will plead with the villain to change their ways – Supergirl just throws them through a wall.

If I had to chose a word to associate to these two powerful characters (that helped define parts of my personality) it would be Superman: optimism and Supergirl: determination.

That was the narrative that I gave to Blaire during our after-hours class at the recent Shutterfest photography conference. I had a custom suit made for her and I chose Blaire because she is a brilliant actor and I knew that she could take a little direction and run with it (or in this case, fly with it.)

One of the elements I often explore in all of my photography work is to respect, counterpoint. Blaire was the counterpoint to a previous session I captured with the remarkably versatile talent that Heather has. She can fly (like really fly airplanes) and on set she took the narrative and the character brilliantly.

Both of these ladies will be appearing in tutorials on the Photoshop Composite Series, with a few files that you can download and make the same composites I do or create your own original work. The series has 45 hours of education teaching you the basics through advanced techniques to bring your imagination to life. Visit the link to learn more:

Heather, Blaire – I look forward to our next flight together!

Models: Blaire Winter and Heather Turpin
Costumes by: The Vallée Creations
Assistant: Ann Aurbach
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon R5, RF 24-70mm, Adorama XPLOR 300pro

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