Struggles In Photography – Fantasy Boudoir By Reality Reimagined

One of my struggles with photography is that my mind isn’t satisfied with just a subject in front of a camera. I don’t craft an image that is great composition, model pose, camera settings and then call it a day. I always want to add more.
As I’ve evolved my studio portrait work, I look at the results and although I’m please with what I create (most of the time) I then ask myself “what more can I add to this?”
More of that thought process needs to happen on set I think, practically – rather than relying on Photoshop. However, when I do have to rely on Photoshop, I have a blast. 🙂
This is the next look and image in the series that I shot with Astrid. She is remarkably talented and truly just weaves her own story and all you have to do as a photographer is hit the shutter button. )

fantasy boudoir photography by reality reimagined

Fabric stock: Dan Frievalt
Camera: Canon EOS R, RF 24-70mm
Lighting: Flashpoint AD600 from Adorama, modifiers from Strobepro
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#fantasy #fashion #power #story #art #beauty #darkness #photography #canon #adorama #strobepro #astridkallsen #realityreimagined
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