Star Trek still speaks to my soul

When I was young I had equal passion and love for both Star Trek and Star Wars. Even at an early age they both had two very different ways of speaking to my imagination and soul.
Star Wars was the rousing adventure that produced a lot of sound effects with toy swords and blasters, while playing pretend in the back yard. Star Trek was the family and sense of belonging that shaped my views of honor, friendship and courage.
I will forever be a fan of the original crew of the Enterprise and no matter how out-dated the television show may be in our modern times (men, doing manly things and helping other races be more like men) I still enjoy watching the stories unfold.
So when a young Starfleet officer walked into the photography bay, with phaser and communicator in hand, I knew I wanted to create a moment of adventure and the thrill of exploring strange new worlds…

Cosplayer: Average Fanatic
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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