Shutterfest 2022 || Creating Timeless Art and Photography

I just returned home from teaching at the best photography conference in the world: Shutterfest.
My photography background is in high-school seniors, weddings and general portrait work. I wanted to help folks tell their story through great artwork and build a business that was made up of the best of my wife and I. However, our original studio shut down in 2017 and Reality Reimagined became my primary focus.
My beginning Shutterfest experience as a student was about filling in the blanks of artwork that I didn’t already do on a daily basis at home. So I started shooting fantasy, cosplay and the like, back in 2015. I became known for that work and it has lead me on a wonderful road of becoming an educator and showing others how to create the story. This year I told myself that I was going to capture some classic, beautiful portrait artwork. No composites, no special effects – just beautiful lighting, posing and camera work that I could be proud of.

So it was an honor and pleasure to capture this image of Miranda during the demos I did for Intuition Backgrounds on Wednesday afternoon. Miranda, her wonderful mother Rachel Bourgoin Torrey and I have been trying to find a time to work together for a few years now. I think we did good? Yeah. We did.


Model/HMUA: Miranda Rayne
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon EOS R5, RF 50mm 1.2, Adorama Flashpoint AD300pro
#fantasy #fashion #art #intuitionbackgrounds #realityreimagined
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