Reflection – Batgirl and the beginning of a new journey

This was created in August of 2015 with my dear friend Jaime and her new (at the time) amazing Batgirl cosplay. I will always fondly remember this piece, because it was my first attempt at posing a cosplayer on a prop, so we could create a new action scene. Rather than just having her stand in a typical hero pose with a generic background behind her, I wanted to create a piece that would be a perspective we don’t see often in cosplay photography artwork. At the time, compositing was relatively new to the scene in cosplay and most of it was just poster shots. Traditional artwork had been depicting amazing scenes for years and I wanted to touch on that.
I remember laying on the floor, looking up at Jaime and even though she was kneeling on a bright teal ottoman and the walls of my studio were behind her, I could clearly see the angry sky rolling behind Batgirl and I could see her constant, vigilant eyes roaming the streets of Gotham below.
I could see it all and it was a wonderful moment that pushed me further down the path that I have traveled.

batgirl picture

Cosplayer/costume: Jaime Hoskins
Cape floofer: Mike Hoskins
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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