Published in Shutter magazine and the meaning of it all – Part 2

It is an honor to share these next two images that were just published in the December issue of Shutter magazine. The honor of course is being featured in this fantastic magazine and to be among the amazing artists and their work.
However these two images represent something else to me. First and foremost, these two folks are married and are just about the best people that I know on this Earth. They do so much for their community and they go way beyond the term of cosplay; they become these characters for the audience around them. When you see them and their team at events, posing for photographs with children, they never drop character. They are Wonder Woman. They are Thor and the folks around them have absolutely no doubt of that, what-so-ever. It is amazing to watch and it fills my heart with unbelievable pride when a child approaches their hero and tells them how much they mean to them.
The image of Wonder Woman was captured the night that I found out I had won the Grand Award of the Shutterfest image competition. I celebrated with the folks at the shoot and then went to my parent’s home and was able to share the news with them. This was a about a month before my father passed away and I got to have one last, amazing conversation with him.
Several months later I found myself in the company of these heroes again and I wanted to specifically recreate a scene involving Thor from the recent Avengers: Infinity War film. Toward the end of the film when Thor rises above all of the pain, the sacrifice and loss to simply endure and do, “what heroes do” was so inspiring to me. I know how much the character of Thor means to my friend Jeff and I absolutely know that he is Thor and forever will be.
I am so very thankful to Sal Cincotta and his amazing team that has made this magazine, Shutterfest and all of their wisdom an unending source of guidance to this industry. I will forever be in his debt.
You can purchase a copy of this magazine at your local Barnes and Noble or visit the Shutter magazine site to read the issue online.

Cosplayers: Jenn Jackson and Jeff Jackson
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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