Gel Lighting Artwork || Cyberpunk Glamour by Reality Reimagined

Creating artwork with gel lighting is such a fun experience for so many reasons.

The main reason being that there isn’t a set formula to the lighting that will produce consistent results. Depending on the clothing, the background, the colors you want to use (both in the gels and the clothing) make such a vast different in the outcome.

So when you hit gold it’s a rush.

A new tutorial is live on the Photoshop Art Series that shows you how to make this exact piece of art, with downloadable files so you can create it (or others) as you learn.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Danielle, for letting Helvetica Syringe come out to slay.

Model: Danielle La
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Post Production Tools: Lumenzia by Greg Benz Photography and Oniric by Composite Nation
Gear: Canon R5, RF 24-70mm F2.8, Adorama Flashpoint 600

#cyberpunk #glamour #gellighting #photography #composite #photomanipulation #lumenzia #oniricglows

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