Game of Thrones photo-manipulation art – Jon Snow

Continuing in the Game of Thrones series of art that I photographed at Shutterfest 2019, this piece is special to me for a few reasons.

This series was photographed at an after-hours event that I organized with the tremendous help of some truly remarkable people who donated their lighting gear, their time and passion. We had over 120 people line up and wait for almost two hours to get the chance to capture images of our fantastic cosplayers.

The most grounding moment of this image is the model in the image. My very first Shutterfest in 2015, Joshua was the only model that I actually photographed during the entire conference. I was so used to the paradigm of conferences where you go to sit in classes and learn and never really pick up your camera. Shutterfest is so completely different and you spend more time photographing than you do taking notes.

If I could go back to that first conference and tell myself that five years later I would be teaching, hosting after-hours events and capturing images with Joshua again ā€“ I would have told me to leave me alone because Iā€™m taking rad images of Joshua. šŸ™‚

Jon Snow of Game of Thrones

Model: Joshua Brett Adams
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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