First Time Magic – Fashion Photography by Reality Reimagined

This was the first time that Yashenia stood in front of my camera and within SECONDS I knew that she was going to produce a lot of beautiful imagery. Quick to move through various ideas and shapes, each with a full commitment to energy and presence; so incredibly rad to be a part of.
When I cull down a photo shoot I typically use Adobe Bridge to view the images and make selections. My practice is to keep my finger on the number 4 key and tag images that have merit (for various reasons) and that is the main pass I will make through the entire set. However when an image leaps out at me with that elusive mark of “wow that one is rad” I hit the number 5 key.
This image? I couldn’t hit the number 5 key fast enough. Her eyes. Look at her eyes and the challenge there. What do you see in her eyes that prompts you to hit the number 5?
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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