Egg Sisters Cosplay – Necromancer of Diablo 3 composite art

THAT MOMENT when the Egg Sisters cosplay work frightens you.
I have experienced so many emotions and made so many memories while doing this work. Moments of pure joy as I’ve shared this passion with the talented artists that dawn a costume and become another person. Moments of tearful gratitude as a hero makes a child’s world a bit better.
But I have never experienced true fear.
I’ve followed the work of these incredible artists for awhile now and it has truly been a goal and dream to be able to photograph something of their imagination and combine it with my own. In 2017 they began work on a new project revolving around a Blizzard Entertainment franchise and soon it became apparent from their work-in-progress images that the game was Diablo 3.
I have been a long-time fan and addict of this game (thank you Joe Spina for ruining my young adult life) and when they announced their project was the Necromancer, I decided that I would make this the moment that I work with them. They were headed to #Blizzcon 2017 to debut their work and compete in the costume contest and I made plans to be there. Unfortunately a few unavoidable emergencies came up in my personal life and I had to let go of the trip. I had hope that some day I would encounter these two sisters in their amazing creation and my goal would be complete.
My first day at C2E2 2018 I was standing on the second level of the main concourse, overlooking the massive crowd and taking in the ambiance of being at a comic-book convention. Suddenly I spotted in the distance the unmistakable head piece of the Egg Sister’s Necromancer and I yelped and hauled ass through the crowd to get to them before they walked away. When I caught up to them, I babbled about four hundred words in less than 30 seconds while trying to shove a business card in their hand and show them my portfolio – all at the same time.
To their credit they didn’t call for security.
They told me I had about 30 minutes before they were scheduled to go to a panel and speak, so I again ran at top speed back to the hotel room, grabbed all of my photography gear and once again hauled ass back to the main floor. I set up the lights in record time and brought them over into the bay.
It was then that I took a breath, closed my eyes and when I opened them I was standing before a Necromancer from the world of Sanctuary and all I could hear was the ghostly phrase, “all must serve the Cycle…”
This will be a memory that I will hold onto as long as I am doing this work. I hope to be able to work with these outstanding artists in the future and look forward to seeing them at Blizzcon 2018.
Cosplayer/Costume: Egg Sisters
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

Necromancer Cosplay

Necromancer cosplay from the Egg Sisters

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