Death & Rebirth – Phoenix Rising fashion photography by Reality Reimagined

Speaking of a weekend that is about death and rebirth…
I have always been fascinated by the stories that have been around human society for ages, that dwell in the realm of life and death. Whether it be a deities in various religions, the lore of societies long gone or just the simple examples we see in nature every single year – we have come to understand the power of rebirth.

This image represents that in a small way to me; the spark of creativity coming from the myth of the Phoenix. That was the spark that occurred to me when I first saw this stunning design from Alice Andrews and realized the threads that I could follow that would parallel my own journey as well as resonate with others.
Visit Alice’s Facebook page to see more of her amazing pieces that you can rent and rebirth your own imagination.
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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