Creating Fantasy Fashion Photography by Reality Reimagined

Continuing today with creating a fantasy fashion photography series I recently captured with a wonderful talent, Astrid. I was photographing her in front of the Spectrum background that I designed for Becky Gregory and Intuition Backgrounds – the design has the falling particles of light that gave Astrid a great way to interact with the cloth she was standing in front of.  Sometimes you just have to reach up and let the little falling motes of imagination and fantasy, take hold of your creativity and let that be the start to a new adventure.

Speaking of adventure, if you’d like to go on a 12 minute journey to see this art evolve from a raw file, to this finished piece, visit my YouTube channel for the next speed-art video. The process is narrated and there are some teaching moments that I slow the footage down so you can take in the knowledge.
Background: Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory
Feather harness: Videnoir
Photography: Reality Reimagined
Photoshop art: Reimagined Photoshop Art Plugin (
Gear: Canon EOS R, RF 24-70 F2.8
Modifiers: Strobepro
#fashion #fantasy #photography #art #beauty #imagination #intuitionbackgrounds #canon #photoshop #adobe #wacom #adorama #realityreimagined #oniricglows
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