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Beyond the brand experience, beyond your go-to locations, your gear – can you innovate and offer something new? Can you give your clients a REASON to come to your studio, your brand, instead of your competitors?

“Yeah, I’ll give them a discount. I’ll give them more stuff. Besides there is economic trouble ahead and I need to lower my prices so I can get clients!”

No. As odd/terrifying/crazy as it sounds – the answer is not to be cheap. The answer is to offer something new – something your competitors can’t or won’t.

People will have money for what they want to have money for. They are going to buy the things the NEED and then they will want to invest money into something great. Give them that great experience by going beyond just portraits and your usual, easy, repetitive patterns of business. Give them ART, not portraits. One single special piece can achieve this. One single special piece of art can add more dollars to the sale and give that deep sense of fulfillment of money well spent.

One single piece of art can change the course of your business.

This piece is a part of a new tutorial landing on the Photoshop Art Series and it’s (trust me) a simple composite to make. High-school seniors, brides, fashion – THESE CAN BE THE SUBJECT OF ART LIKE THIS.

The full tutorial teaches you how to make this easily in Photoshop and provides you the file of the model so you can work along side with your own stock background. Visit the site to learn more:

Are you going to adapt to uncertain times or just do business-as-usual and hope for the best? Thrive and grow – join the series and learn.

Model: Ashley Sierra
Wearing: Christine Adar Ammon designs
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon R, EF 24-70mm F2.8, Lighting from Adorama Flashpoint

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