Cosplay photo-manipulation art – Harley Quinn

When I first began shooting composite, photo-manipulation art at Shutterfest, it was quite difficult to explain to folks how it was all created.

The models and cosplayers were used to the shoot being setup in a part of the convention center, that had the most visual interest appropriate to their character. When I told them “I just need a wall and a place to setup the lights” their confusion set in.

Thankfully long ago those first few brave folks agreed and I think they were pleasantly surprised when they saw the final artwork. A couple of years later I was not only known for this work and sought after for it (which I’m grateful for) but I also became an instructor teaching how to do it all.

This year was a wonderful reminder of that experience as we setup this shoot right off of the main vendor hall, against a random wall with one solid color of paint. Lights were set, stories were told and to any passerby it must have looked like I was taking the most boring image ever.

But to the Shutterfest/Gotham Sirens, they knew the world we were creating and I can not thank them enough for sharing that vision with me.
Ladies – it was a privilege to create with you and I hope you enjoy the work!

Harley Quinn

Cosplayer: Erynn Overton
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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