Cosplay artistry – composite art from Reality Reimagined

One of the great joys of attending a comic-book convention is witnessing first hand some of the most spectacular cosplay artistry out there. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and the pure dedication to recreating their beloved character, is just so inspiring and reminds me of what is possible in art.

It is one thing to behold the costume and artwork, but something much more to talk to them about it and see the light in their eyes as they describe their passion for creation.

I had that conversation and more with these three fantastic individuals and it was a pure blast to work with them at the recent C2E2 comic-con in Chicago.

Hailey S Cosplay​ you know from my previous work featuring her Soldier 76 cosplay. New to the fun is Altar Lion Cosplay​ featuring her D.Va cosplay. It was a great fun to lament the struggles of being a healer in Overwatch and a lot of laughs recreating her signature poses when she achieves play-of-the-game. Finally the truly amazing creation of Jeet Molankar as Reinhardt. Jeet was the Indian Championship of Cosplay winner this year and was at the con to compete in the international cosplay competition.

I was standing in my area with my lights talking to my friend Jeff Jackson​ (a truly remarkable Thor cosplayer) when Jeet’s handler came up to us and asked Thor if he could walk over to the area where Jeet was standing, to get a quick picture with him. When you are in a large cosplay like this, mobility can be a challenge. Not so much because of the cosplay itself, but the 100 or so people that are crowded around you taking images. My friend Thor walked over to take the requested picture and I pulled the handler to the side and asked him if there was any way Reinhardt could walk the 20 or so steps over to my area so I could get a few shots. He started to tell me no and then I pulled out my portfolio of cosplay composite artwork and explained what I could do for him. One of the best moments of the con was seeing the handler’s eye light up and then he said,

“I’ll be right back with Reinhardt.”

I also have it on good authority that at the same time I was negotiating with the handler, Thor was asking Reinhardt to do him the honor of walking over to my area and allowing me to take his photograph.

Man – that was a good day. 🙂

Overwatch cosplay composite art

Soldier 76, D.VA and Reinhardt of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch

Soldier 76: Hailey S Cosplay
D.Va: Altar Lion Cosplay
Reinhardt: Jeet Molankar
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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