Boudoir Scares Me || Boudoir Photography by Reality Reimagined

Boudoir (as a photography genre) has been a realm that I have been reticent to dive into. Mainly because it scares me 🙂
There is a level of sensualization, sexualization – of intimate storytelling that I believe is communicated quite differently from a male photographer, versus a female photographer, regardless of sexual orientation.

Simply put – the genders move differently and so much of the shape, the pose, the story is about that movement. Well at least to me it is.

So since I treat any boudoir images I capture like I do my tax paperwork and hide it from my direct site (for fear of screwing it up) I completely forgot that my brilliant friend Elley did an AMAZING series with me last year. Every time I look through the work that I’ve been fortunate to capture with her, I am again in awe of her abilities to move, to flow through story element and tell that sensual moment in time, so incredibly beautifully.

Model: Elley Cat
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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