Boudoir Natural Light Photography by Reality Reimagined

On my recent photography adventures I had the fortune of photographing someone relatively new to my eyes, yet so incredibly impactful.
I first saw Autumn’s work, captured by my good friend Brad Campbell. They together created an amazing Star Wars composite piece of art with a fantastic makeup/face art being designed by Autumn as if it were “no big deal.”

glamour boudoir photography by Reality Reimagined

I don’t care what you look like. I don’t care what you are wearing, how much money you have, whether you think you are beautiful or not – all I care about is the story I see in your eyes. THAT is where wisdom begins and true self-worth, value and art is found.
Her eyes held me transfixed for a good long while. It was then I knew that I had to work with her.

boudoir glamour photography by reality reimagined

We captured three different looks on a long day of photography and each sequence, those eyes told a vastly different story. Mid way through our day I told Autumn “I could photograph you to the end of my days and still not be finished.” That is truth for me and respectful, honorable praise from one artist to another.

boudoir glamour photography by reality reimagined

This is the first look we created – a natural light boudoir/glamour series and all I had to do was push the shutter on my camera, because Autumn did the work like it was “no big deal.”
Assistant: Ann Aurbach
Camera: Canon EOS R, EF 85mm 1.4
Photography by: Reality Reimagined
Photoshop art by: Reimagined Art Plugin for Photoshop
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