Blizzcon 2018 and the love of their games

#Blizzcon2018 is about to kick off the opening ceremonies and I am excited to be able to watch from home (while I work on a freelance assignment that kept me from being able to attend.)
I’ve been playing Blizzard’s video games since they started the company. I fondly remember in the mid 90s getting a new Packard Bell computer and among the included software was a disc featuring an orc and a human facing off. The game was the first four missions of the Warcraft RTS video game and I played those missions over and over again. I used to draw maps while I was at work at a call-center and then stay up into the wee hours of the morning, creating the maps for my friends and I to play in Warcraft 2. The first time I heard the haunting melody of the Rogue Encampment of Diablo 2 fame I was hooked and began a life long journey into the genre of ARPG video games. Epic battles at LAN parties playing Starcraft, destroying my friends, winning the games and not having to pay for pizza.
However none of these great memories will ever compare to the first time my best friend Joe Spina and I traversed the snowy mountains of Ironforge and began the long run across the Wetlands in the World of Warcraft:
David: “Dude, what are those names in red, in the distance.”
Joe: “Uh…those would be members of the Horde and we should, um, run.”
We turned around and started running back to safety and immediately encountered a wall of green names – members of the Alliance had come to fight the Horde. We watched as 20 or so players fought to the death and in that moment I became a fan of the World of Warcraft.
Overwatch has become my latest passion and I’m hoping for good news today at Blizzcon for this fantastic game. I am sad that I am not there today in Anaheim, to share in the celebration of a company that has changed the lives of so many around the world. The cosplayers are some of the best around and I hope to see them all next year and capture images to last another 25 years 🙂
In the meantime – Hailey S Cosplay and Reality Reimagined are reporting for duty 🙂

Cosplayer/Costume: Hailey S Cosplay
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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