Impactful Art & Stylization | Gel Lighting Glamour Photography by Phoenix Photographer Reality Reimagined

Regardless of your genre of photography, I believe it’s vital to learn new techniques and tools to create visually impactful art and stylization. Why? Because in business you want to be able to tell your clients “yes and” rather than “no I can’t.”
An image of a bride is a lot different than the gel lighting glamour photography image below. So why learn something new that “only” applies to stytlized art like gel lighting glamour images? Because the client has an imagination and wants to collaborate with you (the artist) to bring their expectations to life. Exceed those expectations and provide them with stunning art.
gel lighting glamour image
Special thanks to my dear friend Kiarra who is incredibly talented and always a blast to work with!
Part Two of this full tutorial is now available on my YouTube channel and you can download the base image of Kiarra and an action to follow along with the tutorial.
Model: Kiarra Anais
Photography: Reality Reimagined
Glow effects: Oniric by Composite Nation
Photoshop art: Reimagined Art Plugin for Photoshop (
Gear: Canon ROS R, EF 24-70 F2.8
Lighting: Adorama Flashpoint
Modifiers: Strobepro
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