Until We Meet Again: Halloween 2021 Horror Fantasy Art by Reality Reimagined

“You now know your future…”
The Beast breathed as she maneuvered her way back into the webs of fate. The price had been paid, unknowingly when I entered into this accursed “home.” I should have known. There is always a price when you seek that which is forbidden. Always a price.
“Leave this place and live your life to the fullest. Use the wisdom I have given you, to do as you wish. When Time comes for you, to end your travels, return here and fulfill the bargain. Until we meet again.”

Vampire Seer Halloween 2021

Model/Costume/Wig: Ember Brennen Sparks

Mask: Hysteria Machine

Teeth: Wolfgrin (IG)

Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

Camera: Canon EOS R, RF 24-70mm

Lighting: Lumin8 Full Spectrum

#vampire #halloween #art #horror #fear #fate #price #storytelling #beauty #photoshop #wacom #canon #lumin8 #realityreimagined

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