When I was very young, one of my eldest brother’s friends dressed up as Count Dracula for Halloween. As the story goes, I found him in our bathroom putting the last touches of makeup on. He noticed me, gestured and then I screamed and kept screaming until he took all the make up off, so I could see that he was safe and alive and not a monster.
I remember that gesture – it’s the only memory that I have from that experience. He reached out his hand to me, when he realized that I was terrified. He beckoned me to not be afraid, but to approach. I remember thinking “I know you and I shouldn’t be afraid of you – but I’m terrified because you have become a monster.”

Vampire photomanipulation by reality reimagined

THIS is one of the many sources of storytelling in photography: your memories that evoke powerful emotion. During my shoot with Breezy at one point she smiled and for a second I was that little boy again, transfixed and terrified because this wonderful human was transforming (in my imagination) into a monster.
So I asked her to beckon to me and see if I could tempt my fate, once more.

Model: Briana Thistle
Costume design: The Royal Stitchery
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Art created with: Reimagined Photoshop Plugin (
Gear: Canon EOS R / RF 24-70 F2.8
Godox AD600, modifiers from Strobepro
(before and after in the comments)
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