Continuing with the gelled glamour theme for this weekend, I’m returning full circle to the first session I did at Shutterfest, featuring my wonderfully talented friend Madison.

I’ve learned so much about this lighting style over the past few months. It began with a vision that I wanted to achieve and I continued to pursue it, until I saw the results in camera that matched my imagination.

It always helps to have a trust talent in front of the lens, who is able to flow through the imagery with precision and ease. This allows the photographer to focus on the other five thousand little adjustments that make a “good picture.” I’ve said to Madison that I could photograph her for eternity, because she is truly a master of her art and can morph and change her look with each session. I’m thankful to know her, call her friend and look forward to the next photographic adventure.

This image also features the BRILLIANT talents of a new up-and-coming make-up artist that I got to work with at Shutterfest – Olivia. She has such an incredible talent for design and I’m so very excited to work with her next year on as many shoots as we can capture.

Model: Madison Kae Scroggin
HMUA: Olivia Fowler
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
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