Unique isn’t as lonely as it used to be

As I began to expand my journey with Reality Reimagined, I soon realized that my type of work (composite art) was considered a ‘specialty’ and the word unique was often associated to my existence as an artist. Being unique is rad, for sure, but it can become a lonely road to traverse. I began to dream of scenarios where I could attend a weekend workshop with other composite artists and explore the aspects of our unique art form. I looked to the folks in the industry that were doing this type of work and fantasied that they would be my fellows in these magically creative weekend adventures.
Well finally after many years, that fantasy became a reality.
I recently traveled to Wisconsin to spend an amazing weekend with four incredibly talented individuals: Dan Frievalt, Rachel Frank, Nicole Bottensek and Cassi Dorff. Dan started the idea, modeled after his own experiences with other artists in our unique industry. I was so floored when he asked me if I would be interested, that I’m surprised that I didn’t fall out of my chair. As we planned the weekend, we reached out to Rachel as we both are big admirers of her fantastic designs and she, as it turns out, is a fan of our work too!
She brought Nicole with her to model and Dan brought Cassi and the five of us had such a wonderful day of creativity.
I drove from Arizona (mainly to enjoy some fall color) and of course I had to bring a few props along with me. Rachel’s designs are outstanding, but when I casually mentioned that I brought a sword, everyone got that mischievous smile on their faces.
This experience was like no other in my career and I have begun planning future events around this same theme; swords and all 🙂
This is the first piece of many to come, featuring the fruits of our imaginations from that day.

Rachel Frank Designs

Design/HMUA: Rachel Frank
Hosted by: Dan Frievalt
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#fantasy #design #composite #art #horror #fear #sword #ice #blood #whoisthischaracter
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Vampires and all the feels – Photoshop composite art

MOAR VAMPIRES!  I can not even begin to describe to you the vast amount of feelings one encounters when you are standing in front of Lady Ember Sparks and you can not see her eyes, just that beautifully horrific smile.
I’ve experienced this before and I can safely say that it doesn’t matter what the model is wearing that covers their eyes, it’s just the fact that I can’t see them that drives me bonkers. I think it must have to do with my time in theatre as an actor. I spent so much time creating, emoting and connecting with my fellow actor’s eyes or the audience for that matter, that to be robbed of that connection is daunting at best.
Of course the fangs don’t help to manage the terror and that mask…I just can’t.
She was wonderful to work with and this was the first of many outings of creativity together and I look forward to the stories to come.

Seer of the Vampires

Model – Costume – MUA: Lady Ember Brennen Sparks
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#vampire #horror #halloween #art #fear #terror #scary #cantseeyoureyes #composite #photoshop #photography #realityreimagined #ladyembersparks
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Vampires of my youth – composite art by Reality Reimagined

VAMPIRES!  There is an old story in my family that is always told when Halloween comes around. One night when I was very young, my eldest brother Ron (a teenager at the time) and his best friend Murphy were getting dressed up to go to a costume party. Murphy was doing the classic Dracula costume, along with a full face of makeup. As it is told, he was completely done with the makeup, the cheesy fangs and ready to head out and I turned the corner, saw him and started screaming.
I was convinced that my brother’s good, good friend has suddenly turned into a monster and he was gone forever. My parents, my siblings – everyone tried to calm me down and I just wasn’t letting it go.
So his friend did the coolest thing he could have ever done. He grabbed a towel and started stripping the makeup off of his face. He completely took it all off and showed me that he was still there and that there was nothing to be afraid of.
The only memory I have of that event is looking up at this monstrous form and seeing him smile with those fangs and feeling absolute despair.
So many years later when I get the chance to photograph an unbelievably talented model and she has an amazing vampire costume, I chose to recreate a moment that horrified me so long ago.

Designer: Videnoir
Location: C2E2
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#vampire #halloween #scary #fright #memories #c2e22018 #realityreimagined
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Venom apparently isn’t Spiderman – who knew?

So for the longest time I thought Venom was like the evil, bad version of Spiderman; in the same way Superman had a double in the third Christopher Reeve film.
Sadly, I still don’t know much about the character, except based on the trailer for the Tom Hardy film, I know he isn’t Spiderman. So that’s something 🙂
However the trailer for that film is what gave me the vision of this piece. I saw the Venom skin (?) as consuming the person from the inside and I think we can all relate to that in some shape or form. Moments in our lives of strong emotion (not always “bad” ones) can feel as though they are crawling up our skin, as if they are an entity all-their-own. Their purpose is to simply consume us and that feeling (in times, both good and bad) we can welcome that consumption or fear it.
In the case of this image with Violet I wanted to show the not so good feelings of being consumed by Venom.
That day was a wonderful day of art and I am deeply grateful to Violet and Michel for inviting me to attend! Also a special thanks to Papi for sharing his incredible talent with us all – can’t wait to see more of it in the future!
This is the final piece from the recent body paint shoot-out I was invited to attend…for now. 🙂

Model: Violet Pixie
Body paint by: Papi Miranda
Hosted by: Wally Duncan
Organized by: Violet Pixie and Michel Pierre Senior
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#venom #marvel #cosplay #bodypaint #art #consumption #fear #movie #photoshop #photography
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Photography, Photoshop, Priorities – Gel Lighting glamour imagery with Reality Reimagined

When I began my photography career it was heavily based in the pursuit of mastering a camera and the lighting patterns that I gravitated toward as a creative. Photoshop played a key role, certainly, but it wasn’t my sole pursuit and was often a secondary or even tertiary aspect of our business.
When Reality Reimagined came into existence, Photoshop became my primary focus and the skills I had mastered in photography were often not necessary. When I needed an image for a composite, I was focused on pose, expression and story – not creative lighting and “getting it right in camera” each and every frame.
To return to that discipline of being a photographer first, is such a welcome breath of fresh air and I have been enjoying that excursion lately in my dual-balance of composite fantasy art and glamour or boudoir imagery.
Beth Fraser and I worked together almost exactly one year ago, shooting a swimsuit series in an infinity pool. I instantly had a blast with her and was drawn to her look and features. She has not only a great command of her body for posing and just simply knows what is flattering to the camera, but her exotic beauty is a great foundation to create with. We made plans for some highly creative imagery, but I couldn’t seem to get my schedule to line up as my career and life was becoming a amazing, but very winding road.
To see her again and work with her was a wonderful evening of photography and I look forward to the future creativity to come.

Model: Beth Fraser
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#model #fashion #glamour #gellighting #gels #colorful #sexy #powerful #exotic #photography #photoshop
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