Trust Your Instincts | Boudoir Photography by Reality Reimagined

I learned (well relearned, actually) something vitally important on this shoot: trust your instincts.

During the first stages of this shoot I wasn’t seeing the colors in the water that I expected to see. I had backup plans and additions that I could try, as a systemic approach to achieving the visuals I wanted. Within the first couple of minutes, my human eyes were telling me that what I see in front of me is not what I wanted.


Yet my instincts were speaking to me like Obi Won Kenobi telling me to let go and trust them. I dipped my hands in the water and let it cascade down back into the pool and I saw the purple I was expecting. Then I realized my human eyes were seeing more than what the camera is capable of seeing. What the camera sees is vastly different and that’s why getting into photography can be daunting at first. You have to learn to shape the camera to capture what your human eyes see so clearly.

My eyes were seeing the reflections of the sky above, the heat, the sunscreen dripping into face, an so on. The camera would see the color and it could be targeted in Photoshop to do the rest.


This set of images are the first iteration of the shoot. We then later added other elements to augment it all and each time we changed the routine, we got vastly different results.

THAT is the joy of creating something new and also why I think we far too often fear it.


Model: Danielle La
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon R5, RF 24-70mm F2.8

#boudoir #arizona #beauty #photography #purple #haze #flowers #reality reimagined #canon

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Create Special Artwork Not Portraits || Fashion Photography Composite Art By Reality Reimagined


Beyond the brand experience, beyond your go-to locations, your gear – can you innovate and offer something new? Can you give your clients a REASON to come to your studio, your brand, instead of your competitors?

“Yeah, I’ll give them a discount. I’ll give them more stuff. Besides there is economic trouble ahead and I need to lower my prices so I can get clients!”

No. As odd/terrifying/crazy as it sounds – the answer is not to be cheap. The answer is to offer something new – something your competitors can’t or won’t.

People will have money for what they want to have money for. They are going to buy the things the NEED and then they will want to invest money into something great. Give them that great experience by going beyond just portraits and your usual, easy, repetitive patterns of business. Give them ART, not portraits. One single special piece can achieve this. One single special piece of art can add more dollars to the sale and give that deep sense of fulfillment of money well spent.

One single piece of art can change the course of your business.

This piece is a part of a new tutorial landing on the Photoshop Art Series and it’s (trust me) a simple composite to make. High-school seniors, brides, fashion – THESE CAN BE THE SUBJECT OF ART LIKE THIS.

The full tutorial teaches you how to make this easily in Photoshop and provides you the file of the model so you can work along side with your own stock background. Visit the site to learn more:

Are you going to adapt to uncertain times or just do business-as-usual and hope for the best? Thrive and grow – join the series and learn.

Model: Ashley Sierra
Wearing: Christine Adar Ammon designs
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon R, EF 24-70mm F2.8, Lighting from Adorama Flashpoint

#photoshopart #tutorial #photoshopartseries #realityreimagined #christineadar #canon #oniricglows

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Gel Lighting Artwork || Cyberpunk Glamour by Reality Reimagined

Creating artwork with gel lighting is such a fun experience for so many reasons.

The main reason being that there isn’t a set formula to the lighting that will produce consistent results. Depending on the clothing, the background, the colors you want to use (both in the gels and the clothing) make such a vast different in the outcome.

So when you hit gold it’s a rush.

A new tutorial is live on the Photoshop Art Series that shows you how to make this exact piece of art, with downloadable files so you can create it (or others) as you learn.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Danielle, for letting Helvetica Syringe come out to slay.

Model: Danielle La
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Post Production Tools: Lumenzia by Greg Benz Photography and Oniric by Composite Nation
Gear: Canon R5, RF 24-70mm F2.8, Adorama Flashpoint 600

#cyberpunk #glamour #gellighting #photography #composite #photomanipulation #lumenzia #oniricglows

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Supergirl Is My Hero | Cosplay Photomanipulation Composite Art by Reality Reimagined


Growing up it was common to find me running around with a red bath towel pinned around my neck. If you’ve ever heard the story of my famous “flight” then you know that my dream was to be Superman.

I first learned about Supergirl from the 1984 movie starring Helen Slater. Soon there after I was reading Supergirl comics and learning about this character that had existed since 1959. She’s been through several iterations of an origin story and eventually they landed on some foundations that stayed the same through all the incarnations of the character.

Supergirl, simply put, gets things done. She doesn’t analyze decisions for too long – she doesn’t let those that question her tactics/motives, deter her determination to see the job be finished. Superman will plead with the villain to change their ways – Supergirl just throws them through a wall.

If I had to chose a word to associate to these two powerful characters (that helped define parts of my personality) it would be Superman: optimism and Supergirl: determination.

That was the narrative that I gave to Blaire during our after-hours class at the recent Shutterfest photography conference. I had a custom suit made for her and I chose Blaire because she is a brilliant actor and I knew that she could take a little direction and run with it (or in this case, fly with it.)

One of the elements I often explore in all of my photography work is to respect, counterpoint. Blaire was the counterpoint to a previous session I captured with the remarkably versatile talent that Heather has. She can fly (like really fly airplanes) and on set she took the narrative and the character brilliantly.

Both of these ladies will be appearing in tutorials on the Photoshop Composite Series, with a few files that you can download and make the same composites I do or create your own original work. The series has 45 hours of education teaching you the basics through advanced techniques to bring your imagination to life. Visit the link to learn more:

Heather, Blaire – I look forward to our next flight together!

Models: Blaire Winter and Heather Turpin
Costumes by: The Vallée Creations
Assistant: Ann Aurbach
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
Gear: Canon R5, RF 24-70mm, Adorama XPLOR 300pro

#photomanipulation #cosplay #supergirl #dccomics #superman #composite #photoshop #education #oniricglows #realityreimagined

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Learn To Turn The World Off – Fine Art Fantasy Photography by Reality Reimagined

Learn to turn the world off.  That’s the lesson I’ve been trying to teach myself for ages now.  Be a part of the world around you, be present for those most dear, but learn to recognize the importance of being alone in your own world and mind.

I just finished speaking at the recent Shutterfest 2022 photography conference held in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States.  It’s one of the nation’s best photography conferences with some of the leading artists in our industry.  However it’s the community that brings me back every year and every year I try to find new ways to exceed everyone’s expectations.  That was the trial that brought me back to my mantra of “turn the world off.”  This was my fourth year teaching and sixth year in attendance at this conference.  I decided this year to make myself more available to the students during the after-class-hours events and sessions.  This meant that my available time to photograph on my own with friends and talent, was severely limited.  However I thought I could find a hybrid – a middle ground to see if I could do both.  I did and during each event, I never felt comfortable.  I felt like I should either be out of the way and let the students photograph, walk among them and look at their images and bolster their confidence.  I also continually kept looking at the talent (friends in most cases) in the bay and feeling like I was letting them down, because I wasn’t standing in front of them with a camera the whole time.  Each night I thought “I didn’t do my job – you’ve got to be better than this and get the images AND teach.”

Then a few days later I find myself sitting in my home office, looking at the images that I barely remember capturing and realizing that I did indeed, do one valuable thing that made the whole thing successful:

I learned to turn the world off.

Model: Breezy Thistle
Dress organized by: Janelle Folk
Background by: Intuition Backgrounds
Gear: Canon EOS R5, RF 50mm 1.2, Adorama Flashpoint XPLOR 300 pro
Settings: F 5.6, ISO 200, Shutter 1/160
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

#fineart #fantasy #photography #fashion #realityreimagined #intuitionbackgrounds #shutterfest2022 #canon

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