At Shutterfest we had a wonderful after-hours event that saw a line of 150 photographers, patiently wait for almost two hours, to get a few minutes with this amazing cast of characters.

There were a lot of folks that made that evening possible, but I must give credit to the person who started it all – my dear friend Amy.
We have been working together since the second year of Shutterfest, always creating something in the realm of cosplay and imagination. Last year when I taught for the first time, I was proud to have her by my side at my first after-hours event. This year I couldn’t imagine it any other way. She sent me pictures of her Daenerys cosplay as it evolved and pushed for the theme to be centered on Game of Thrones. She is the reason this all came about and I will forever be in her debt.

Amy – you are one of the most beautiful, kind and loving souls that I have encountered in my travels and I am grateful to know you and call you friend. Enjoy the epic ending to the series and I look forward to our next adventure.

Cosplayers: Amy Skyler Keeve as Daenerys
Joshua Brett Adams as Jon Snow
Lady Maul Cosplay as Melisandre
Matthew Bastyr as the Night King
Jeff Adams as Jon Snow (long hair edition 😉 )

#gameofthrones #cosplay #art #fantasy #composite #photomanipulation #daenerys #melisandre #jonsnow #nightking #photography #photoshop #shutterfest #realityreimagined

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Celebrating an actor – Game of Thrones cosplay

We’re celebrating a few things this weekend. First and foremost we celebrating this amazing actor and his pure dedication to character, story and all the elements that a pure method actor needs to weave their tale.
Matthew and Amber are all of that and so much more.

I’ve known about their work for a long time, but never had the opportunity to work with them directly. When we chose the theme of Game of Thrones for our after-hours event at Shutterfest, I knew that we had to find a way to have Matthew and Amber be a part of our amazing team of cosplayers.

When they arrived on site that day, Amber was already in the role of Melisandre and Matthew (at my instruction to remain as incognito as he could be) was partially suited up. I brought them back to our hotel room so they could finish preparing there and as I explained the flow of the evening, Amber/Melisandre gave me the most bone chilling stare and then concluded with “that will be acceptable.”

I knew right then and there that these two were going to make for a wonderful evening of art.

Matthew was a delight that evening and made such a wonderful impact on the entire crowd. He infused fear, power and some humor into the evening and I am so incredibly thankful to them both for making the journey.
This piece if one of two that will be appearing this weekend in honor of this tremendous series coming to its conclusion on Sunday.

Actor: Matthew Bastyr
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

#gameofthrones #nightking #melisandre #actor #method #character #cosplay #art #photography #photoshop #shutterfest #realityreimagined

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Cosplay photo-manipulation art – Harley Quinn

When I first began shooting composite, photo-manipulation art at Shutterfest, it was quite difficult to explain to folks how it was all created.

The models and cosplayers were used to the shoot being setup in a part of the convention center, that had the most visual interest appropriate to their character. When I told them “I just need a wall and a place to setup the lights” their confusion set in.

Thankfully long ago those first few brave folks agreed and I think they were pleasantly surprised when they saw the final artwork. A couple of years later I was not only known for this work and sought after for it (which I’m grateful for) but I also became an instructor teaching how to do it all.

This year was a wonderful reminder of that experience as we setup this shoot right off of the main vendor hall, against a random wall with one solid color of paint. Lights were set, stories were told and to any passerby it must have looked like I was taking the most boring image ever.

But to the Shutterfest/Gotham Sirens, they knew the world we were creating and I can not thank them enough for sharing that vision with me.
Ladies – it was a privilege to create with you and I hope you enjoy the work!

Harley Quinn

Cosplayer: Erynn Overton
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#harleyquinn #cosplay #composite #photomanipulation #art #dccomics #shutterfest #realityreimagined

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Game of Thrones photo-manipulation art – Jon Snow

Continuing in the Game of Thrones series of art that I photographed at Shutterfest 2019, this piece is special to me for a few reasons.

This series was photographed at an after-hours event that I organized with the tremendous help of some truly remarkable people who donated their lighting gear, their time and passion. We had over 120 people line up and wait for almost two hours to get the chance to capture images of our fantastic cosplayers.

The most grounding moment of this image is the model in the image. My very first Shutterfest in 2015, Joshua was the only model that I actually photographed during the entire conference. I was so used to the paradigm of conferences where you go to sit in classes and learn and never really pick up your camera. Shutterfest is so completely different and you spend more time photographing than you do taking notes.

If I could go back to that first conference and tell myself that five years later I would be teaching, hosting after-hours events and capturing images with Joshua again – I would have told me to leave me alone because I’m taking rad images of Joshua. 🙂

Jon Snow of Game of Thrones

Model: Joshua Brett Adams
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

#gameofthrones #jonsnow #cosplay #composite #art #photography #fantasy #joshuabrettadams #shutterfest #realityreimagined

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Bringing Heroes to Life – Cosplay Photo-manipulation Art

The slogan of the Misfit Studios is “bringing heroes to life” and I personally know that they achieve that and more with the amazing work they do.

They’ve attended birthday parties, charity events, children’s night at zoos and sadly when the need arises, they proudly stand watch over the funeral of a child gone too soon from this world.

They do more than just show up to these events in costume. They embody the character of the hero and never drop it until they are safely out of site of their fans. To an adult that can be a little cheesy – “yeah I get it, your Thor and you do the voice an all, neat.”
To a child?
Thor, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Black Cat, Captain America, Black Widow, Ironfist and more are real! A child can lift the might of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir and feel worthy of the honor of Asgard. They can weave their inner power with Scarlet Witch or leap from building to building with Spiderman – care free of the troubles of this world.

This is cosplay. Whether it be at an event with children, or at a comic-book convention – cosplayers become a hero for a moment and in that moment their lives absolutely soar.
I envy them and it is an absolute honor to create artwork featuring their passion and love. Friends, I give you Misfit Studios and the heroes that bring it to life.

Cosplayers: Jeff Jackson as Thor, Jenn Jackson as Scarlet Witch, Dale Matheson as Captain America, Tammy Nebola Yetter as Black Cat, Heather Pertzborn as Black Widow, Jeremy Towsley as Daredevil, Kiefer Van Hanawalt as Ironfist and Benjamin Yetter as Spiderman

Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

#marvel #comics #cosplay #thor #scarletwitch #captainamerica #blackcat #blackwidow #daredevil #ironfist #spiderman #hero #art #movie #photography #photoshop #misfitstudios #realityreimagined

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