Stunning Beauty – Fashion Photography by Reality Reimagined

Stunning beauty is there my friend, even when your belief in it wanes. For a moment, see through our eyes and you will know the truth: you are stunningly beautiful.
Keep your head held high; your adventure is just beginning.

Model: Madison Rieck
HMUA: Jacob Zauche
Location: The Loft DSM
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#beauty #fashion #power #player #art #photography #stunninglybeautiful #beautiful #allure #canon #realityreimagined
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Those Eyes – Boudoir Fashion Photography by Reality Reimagined

Still it’s those eyes – they just pull you in every time. Looking forward to working with Autumn soon and seeing what we can create!

fashion bouodir model

Photography & Photoshop: Reality Reimagined
#fashion #boudoir #glamour #naturallight #photography #beauty #art #sensual #leatherjacket #allure #evocative #realityreimagined
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Creating Fantasy Fashion Photography by Reality Reimagined

Continuing today with creating a fantasy fashion photography series I recently captured with a wonderful talent, Astrid. I was photographing her in front of the Spectrum background that I designed for Becky Gregory and Intuition Backgrounds – the design has the falling particles of light that gave Astrid a great way to interact with the cloth she was standing in front of.  Sometimes you just have to reach up and let the little falling motes of imagination and fantasy, take hold of your creativity and let that be the start to a new adventure.

Speaking of adventure, if you’d like to go on a 12 minute journey to see this art evolve from a raw file, to this finished piece, visit my YouTube channel for the next speed-art video. The process is narrated and there are some teaching moments that I slow the footage down so you can take in the knowledge.
Background: Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory
Feather harness: Videnoir
Photography: Reality Reimagined
Photoshop art: Reimagined Photoshop Art Plugin (
Gear: Canon EOS R, RF 24-70 F2.8
Modifiers: Strobepro
#fashion #fantasy #photography #art #beauty #imagination #intuitionbackgrounds #canon #photoshop #adobe #wacom #adorama #realityreimagined #oniricglows
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Struggles In Photography – Fantasy Boudoir By Reality Reimagined

One of my struggles with photography is that my mind isn’t satisfied with just a subject in front of a camera. I don’t craft an image that is great composition, model pose, camera settings and then call it a day. I always want to add more.
As I’ve evolved my studio portrait work, I look at the results and although I’m please with what I create (most of the time) I then ask myself “what more can I add to this?”
More of that thought process needs to happen on set I think, practically – rather than relying on Photoshop. However, when I do have to rely on Photoshop, I have a blast. 🙂
This is the next look and image in the series that I shot with Astrid. She is remarkably talented and truly just weaves her own story and all you have to do as a photographer is hit the shutter button. )

fantasy boudoir photography by reality reimagined

Fabric stock: Dan Frievalt
Camera: Canon EOS R, RF 24-70mm
Lighting: Flashpoint AD600 from Adorama, modifiers from Strobepro
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined
#fantasy #fashion #power #story #art #beauty #darkness #photography #canon #adorama #strobepro #astridkallsen #realityreimagined
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Rest Well My Friend – Fantasy Boudoir Photography by Reality Reimagined

Let me tell you my story of Moli Hall.
I met her at the Shutterfest conference in 2017, but her work was
something that I had followed for awhile. She sought me out before the conference, to create a concept and story for a quick session. I was floored, because to me – she was a professional model and actor and I was just, well, me. We both landed on wanting to create a fantasy boudoir image, reminiscent of the 1980’s fantasy films and artwork. She brought the lingerie, I brought the cape and the sword and we set off to tell our story.

We did the shoot in the hotel room at the conference, jammed into a small space, small lighting instruments, a portable backdrop and the hope that I could pull off something magical. During the shoot, Moli played it like the professional she was. Pure character, pure story and I will never, ever forget that smile of nerdy glee as she put on the finger armor and clasped her hands together, manically. She loved the role she was playing, she loved the art we were creating and most importantly, she had faith in me. I must have let it slip that I wasn’t confident in what I was doing, both in the session and the conference. It was my first year being a teacher and boy was I scared, yet proud. She took me by both shoulders, looked into my eyes and said: “You truly are an artist and have such a gift. I am envious of you. You belong here, you belong doing what you love to do and I’m so excited to create art with you.” I about fell over and my eyes flooded with tears of gratitude.

We spoke over the years, many times and came up with concepts and more stories to tell. Yet I never engaged. She was willing and ready to leap – I didn’t. Because as much as I knew the art would be wonderful, I was so stuck in a mindset of profitability. I wouldn’t spend the resources on a shoot, unless I knew I could somehow make a return on it – financially. It took me too long to understand that the simple JOY that I felt working with such a beautiful soul, was return enough. Moli tragically passed away last month in a fatal car accident. She was a brilliant performer, artist and such a kind and honorable human being. No more time for art, no more need for battles of conscience and finances. This piece is our final story.

Live for today and the promise of what YOU will make for your tomorrow. Live your life to fullest, with no more time for fear, doubt, or excuses. Find the ways to bring your JOY to the forefront and let it spread like a fire to inspire all those around you that cross your path. Moli – I am honored to know you and so incredibly thankful for your kind words and inspiration, so long ago. We were published my friend, one last time and the honor is all yours. I know that I will see you again and when I do, I look forward to sharing our stories and creating more art.

Rest well.


Moli Hall
Hair and Makeup: Chie Sharp
Cloak by:
Marie-Josee Lavallee
Canon Lighting: Godox Photo Equipment Co. Ltd and Strobepro
Photography and Photoshop art:
Reality Reimagined
#fantasy #art #boudoir #story #powerful #photography #photoshop #canon #godox #strobepro #realityreimagined
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